Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Happy Easter, Andy at the Mall again

Oh dear, things are not going well for poor Andy. His Aunts new venture (Edible Chocolate lingerie) needs lots of publicity to launch it and Easter is going to be the ideal time. I wonder how much publicity they will get, as his Aunts have asked the local press if they are interested in covering the event. A sweet young girl answered and said she would be a log with her co-worker to cover it.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Andy in the Mall part 3

Poor Andy, just how much worse could his day get. After several hours in the "hands" of the latex fem boy crazed ladies he finally slipped out of their clutches wrapped in nothing but a pink fluffy towel. Running as fast as he could back to his Aunt's friends, to laughter, cat calls and whistles all around him Andy was lucky to make it back in one piece. His Aunts friend was furious when she saw what Andy had done and was not buying his story about some Fem boy Latex admirers club. Closing the store for an hour, she decided that she and Andy needed some alone time together, so she could teach him the error of his ways and just how he would be put in his rightful place to "make it up to her"
Some time later a drained and exhausted Andy found himself re-feminised and squeezed into a tiny little latex outfit, with the briefest little tie side latex panties he had ever seen. But worse was to come when his Aunt Jane phoned and was told how Andy's work placement had been a total disaster. Andy begged and pleased as he was thrown out of the door and heard it lock behind him.....

Monday, 10 April 2017

Andy at the Mall again part two

Oh dear poor poor Andy ,he really is having some bad luck today isn't he. Such a silly and careless boy to not pay attention to the sign behind him. Too Late Andy the newly formed ladies own group the FBLA club just happen to be in the mall on a lingerie shopping trip and cant believe there luck.
Oh dear not only has Andy lost a load of flyers, he is also about to lose a few other things as well. His Aunt and her friend are going to be furious. His going to be lucky to make it out of the changing rooms with anything on at all by the time all of these ladies have finished with him. What is he going to wear to walk home in I wonder. Any ideas anyone??

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Andy In the Mall again!!!

This next pic is an inspiration from Andy Latex's last picture, which can be found here.

Does anyone want to hazard a guess as to what Andy's about to back into?

Second part of this little advernture for Andy will be online tomorrow. Enjoy Jaye X

Oh no it looks like Andy's volunteering for his Aunt's friend is causing a few problems for him. Poor Andy has become the center of attention for the whole of the mall and more more he wriggles his little latex bottom about in his tight tight latex leggings the more admiring glances he gets. He does give out a lot of flyers and faces some very difficult questions on the subject of BOY? But as the crowed gathers things get out of hand and Andy starts to receive some pinches to his latex bottom and decides to back off, especially when two girls from his collage approach with very determined looks on there faces. But things are about to go from bad to worse, if only Andy had taken the time to turn around and see what he was backing into, he would not have strayed so close to the................

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Andy Fully Feminised once and for all?

When Andy's Aunt Jane decided that Andy was not keeping up with feminine beauty regime, she decided that it was time that she took matters into her own hands. Poor Andy was sealed into a tight latex Femsuit and gagged, then strapped into a diabolical looking machine that his Aunt assured him ,would ensure that he always remained as feminine and girly as possible with minimum effort. 
As the Machine got to work on Andy, the suit excreted soft warm estrogen oils into every area of his body, Andy could feel the last reschedules of any maleness that he possessed dissipating from him. At the same time, his body was seductively caressed stroked and sucked dry of any male juices time and time again. Leaving him to the feminisation machines tender mercies Aunt Jane informed him she was going out shopping for the day and would return later that evening. She also added that she was certain that this was going to be the first of many 8 hour sessions that he would have to endure until she was happy that he was totally feminine.  Poor could only sigh silently as the machine had its way endlessly with him, but worse was to come. 
 As the door creaked open Janet the mischievous maid entered, oh no Aunt Jane had forgotten to lock the door. Oh no thought Andy, if only he had not informed Aunt Jane that it was Janet who had seduced him last week. Janet had sworn to Andy that revenge would be merciless when it came. It was beginning to look to Andy like it had arrived.  

Monday, 3 April 2017

All wrapped up for the night.

Poor Andi. It looks like his good intentions of volunteering to help out at his Aunt's plastic sale would be taken advantage of. Especially when he realizes that not only his his suit is the only thing for sale, but who ever bids the highest will also get the contents. Luckily his Aunt is on hand to help
calm him down with endless strokes and caresses, especially between his thighs where he appears to be at his most agitated. She would have to help him deal with that before the others arrived

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Andi Sells Kisses at the Mall

Poor Andi. His Aunts have dressed him in the tightest red latex trousers they could fit him into and then dragged him off to the Mall. Oh Andi didn't we tell you, we are raising money for a poor young man who wants to have breast implants. Now the lady who was going to help us today buy selling kisses has had to call off because she has a cold. But Its ok we told the charity organizers that we have found a suitable replacement. But Please begged Andi, please don't make me do this, these latex trousers are just to tight, people will see every bulge. Now don't be silly Andi there must be a lot of men waiting outside and we don't want to disappoint them do we. After all the minimum is £1.00 for a kiss, but a lot of people have asked can they pay more and get a little more for their money. Of course Andi as its for charity we have agreed and already taken several donations for £20 and £30. Now hurry along don't keep the guys waiting!!!!